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Photo by Lance Willett.

Photo by Lance Willett.

As I post this, a balloon rises near our house and heads over slowly but surely—puffing hot air. Beautiful and colorful yet much too loud in the morning stillness. Neighborhood dogs whine as the flame whistles, WHOOOOSH.

It’s hot air balloon season in the Tucson Mountains.

Javelina Holiday Feast

A Javelina herd chomped their way through our front yard earlier this week, devouring many of our carefully tended plants. Their favorite “foods” are the starchy roots of our agaves.

TeamworkFinishing off an agave together. Yum!

Deep Thoughts

Tummy full and content.Ouch!

Poke on the nose. Ouch!Yep, I'm CuteDiscolored nose sets this one apart.

I suppose it is the time of year for feasting…

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me

A cold, wet storm moved into the Tucson area yesterday and it’s been raining ever since. Good for our thirsty plants. Bad for the 9,000-odd folks riding in El Tour de Tucson bike event.

Apparently it is also bad for the juvenile Harris’ Hawk  that lives in our neighborhood. This is what I woke up to this morning:

Look at me, I'm pathetic. Don't you feel sorry for me?Seriously, that’s one pathetic-looking bird.

Mom. Mom. Mom?

Crying for help…Now I'm mad!

Now I’ve got that Linda Ronstadt song in my head, “Poor, poor pitiful me…

A Cat is a Puzzle…

Recently read a paper from last month (dentist office, ‘nuf said). Came across a Mutts comic that featured the following quote by Hazel Nicholson:

A cat is a puzzle for which there is no solution.

I would say this applies to all cats (except Bailey, because he thinks he’s a dog). But it is especially appropriate for our little Wylie.

Here’s Wylie “helping” us rake up the needles from our Palo Verde tree. It is worth noting that even Bailey is thoroughly dismayed by her antics.