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The Amazing Arthur, a Story of Dogged Determination

In Ecuador an elite team of Swedish athletes, competing in an endurance race, shared a meatball with a stray dog. After that the scruffy, determined mutt never left their side. The partnership was tested during the water portion of the race as they were advised not to allow the dog in their kayaks. The team pushed off and fully anticipated leaving sans four-legged friend. Get your tissue ready, here comes the tearjerker…

However, Arthur (as he’d come to be known) refused to be left behind. He splashed in and swam alongside the team. The team pulled him on-board and Arthur finished the race as the honorary 5th member of their 4 person team (they rank 12th in the world by the way). Get another tissue because there’s more to the story…

The connection between Arthur and the Swedish team was so deep that they raised money to take Arthur home with them. He is finishing up quarantine and will soon be living with Mikael (seen below), the man who shared that fateful meatball.

Thank you NPR for sharing this heartwarming tale!


Oregon Coast Trip

Escaped for a quick weekend trip to the Oregon coast with my friend from college, Lisa. It was typical fall weather, gray, wet, and cloudy for most of the trip. But our Saturday was sunny, warm, and gorgeous. Everyone was outside enjoying the day. I like to think I brought it with me from Tucson. Overall, a very relaxing and restorative trip – just what I needed.

Note: all photos taken with cell phones. More photos on our Flickr page.

Conventional people are roused to fury by departures from convention, largely because they regard such departures as a criticism of themselves.

—Bertrand Russell

(Via Oprah Magazine.)