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By day Lance is a web developer at Automattic, and by night he is Launcelot du Lac, Knight of the Round Table.

Verlaque and Bonnet Mystery Series (Review)

I discovered M. L. Longworth’s Verlaque and Bonnet mystery series via Erin, who heard it on NPR’s Crime in the City series: Mystery Writer Weaves Intricate Puzzles In Sleepy French Town. The books are a delightful mix of mystery, travel writing, and memoir.


The 3 books in the series so far—a 4th is due out, and a 5th is in writing—pleased me on multiple levels. The writing and characters are engaging and interesting, full of daily details about food and drink, city life, and poignant regional commentary about Provence and France.

The mysteries are thrilling and exciting, echoing other classics in the genre that showcase a lead investigator and his team of sidekicks—both official and otherwise.

Most of all, since I spent a semester in Aix-en-Provence as a college student, I connected with the regional and linguistic side of the stories as the narrative and descriptions brought back memory after memory, both sensory and geographical. I know these streets! I know these people!

Superbe, Mme Longworth.

Much Better View of the Moon

We’ve had this album, Born at the Right Time, on repeat for a few weeks now. The first track alone is worth buying the full album. Play it above for a quick listen. (Note: the Spotify player does require a login. Here’s an alternate version on YouTube.)

Great new music from the current incarnation of a long-time favorite ensemble. We caught The Kingston Trio live in Tucson recently and greatly enjoyed the concert. It was a fun sing-a-long! We were by far the youngest folks in the audience; a lady even approached us during intermission to ask, “How do you even know this music?! You’re too young.”