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By day Lance is a web developer at Automattic, and by night he is Launcelot du Lac, Knight of the Round Table.

Much Better View of the Moon

We’ve had this album, Born at the Right Time, on repeat for a few weeks now. The first track alone is worth buying the full album. Play it above for a quick listen. (Note: the Spotify player does require a login. Here’s an alternate version on YouTube.)

Great new music from the current incarnation of a long-time favorite ensemble. We caught The Kingston Trio live in Tucson recently and greatly enjoyed the concert. It was a fun sing-a-long! We were by far the youngest folks in the audience; a lady even approached us during intermission to ask, “How do you even know this music?! You’re too young.”


Our fence in the late afternoon April sun—Tucson, Arizona.

Our fence in the late afternoon April sun—Tucson, Arizona.

(Side note: taken straight, no edits, from my phone camera. Android Nexus 5 with 8MP camera and “Optical Image Stabilization”.)


The Loop Interactive Map

Cool tool for interactive map to take along or plan biking, walking, and exploring “The Loop” in Tucson — and other area trails. (via Tucson Velo).

How to Find Things Out: Bird Names

I absolutely love this blog post where expert birder Rick Wright describes how to properly find out the origins of bird names. Not only for the valuable information he provides—you should read and bookmark it if you love birds and words—but also for how it illustrates the valuable trait of having an investigative mind.

I love reading what other people think about birds and words and bird words. I love it even more, though, when they’ve taken the time to do a little homework.

“Do a little homework” is especially relevant to me. That’s what I recently wrote about in my work context: The Investigative Mindset. Knowing where to look is vital to the act of finding things out. Solving that curiosity itch.

Rick concludes with:

Next time the question comes up—in a “trivia quiz” or in the car on the way home from a birding trip—you’ll know the answer. More importantly, you’ll know how to figure out the next nomenclatural puzzle somebody poses: no more guessing.