About Us

This web site chronicles the Adventures of Lance and Erin Willett. We would like to share our experiences with you: read about our adventures, see our photos, watch our videos, see places we visited in the RV, and drop us a line from our contact page.

What’s with the name?

The name fautrever (pronounced “foe-ray-vay”) comes from the French phrase il faut rêver, meaning “you must always dream.” For us it summarizes what we live for: living out our dreams of travel and adventure.

Disclaimer: yes, it’s a made-up word and not good French. Lance majored in French in college and lived in Aix-en-Provence, France during his younger years. C’est le bluff, j’pige quedale à c’qu’il dit, moi…

You used to RV full-time, right?

Yes, we lived and worked from a motorhome for 4 and ½ years. We were often asked: are you two retired, independently wealthy, or what? While those are each worth a good chuckle, neither is true (yet). Our dream was to explore and travel for a living, and we lived that dream to the fullest!

Our day job

Erin is a freelance photographer and writer, and also works as the Buffelgrass Outreach Coordinator for Tucson Clean and Beautiful (a nonprofit organization). Lance works for Automattic where he designs, edits, tests, and develops themes for WordPress-related projects.

From 2005–2010 we ran simpledream web studio, a web design and development company. The company’s success was what allowed us to hit the road full-time in 2006.

Web design and development

Follow Lance’s development blog simpledream.net (web design and programming, technology, WordPress development, and other web-related topics). You can stay updated on the recent happenings with WordPress.com on the WordPress.com news blog and with self-hosted releases and news at WordPress.org news blog.

Photo credits

All of our photos were taken by Erin Willett unless otherwise noted in the description.

Lance’s Corner

Head to Lance’s Corner to read posts by Lance, get a random pun, and learn why he’s the whitest Mexican you’ve ever seen.