Heart Attack Inducing Email from Chase Bank

What a special day this has been… here’s the email I received from Chase earlier.


What?! I haven’t overdrawn an account in about a decade. And, I’ve never overdrawn my account to just shy of 100 Billion dollars! $-99,999,998,719.99 to be exact.

Panicked, I immediately called my local Chase branch. I was told not to worry, that they sent me that message since I had put the account on hold.

Seriously?! In this day and age when fraud and identity theft are rampant, that’s the way Chase notifies customers of an account hold?! And the amount – more than some country’s entire annual budget?!

Seems to me that a simple “This email is to verify that your account has been put on hold.” would’ve sufficed.


2 thoughts on “Heart Attack Inducing Email from Chase Bank

  1. Erin Willett

    Agreed, arturfingers! Surely there exists a better way to put a hold on an account, especially in this day and age. We have the technology…


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