4 thoughts on “Hedgehog Blooms

  1. Karen Bergmark

    Gorgeous! A few of the hedgehogs were beginning to bloom at BTA too. I love spring in Arizona.


  2. Erin Willett

    I agree with you, Karen, I love spring in Arizona! Sometimes the colors just amaze me. We have a cactus that hides in our yard under bushes all year and the only time I notice it is when it suddenly erupt in gorgeous blooms. Talk about a nice surprise!


  3. Erin Willett

    I would miss them too, Hector. Our Spring wildflower show is winding down and now the cactus blossoms are popping open. Some of them are shockingly bright! Quite incongruous perched atop a relatively drab plant. The Sonoran Desert is full of surprises…


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