July Rains

As lovely as our time in Oregon had been it was wonderful to return home at the beginning of July. There’s something about the Sonoran Desert that just gets under your skin (sometimes literally, unfortunately).

After an unusually dry start to the year we hoped the monsoons would bring much needed moisture. It was such a relief when we learned that the storms started early with two big soakers moving through Southern Arizona in late June.

July ended up being a quick month, punctuated every other week by massive monsoon downpours, read more about them here and here.

It only took a few big storms to bring our rainfall totals back up to normal for the year. One of the problems with receiving such heavy rain in a short amount of time is that much of it runs off instead of soaking in. On our property we’ve dug ditches, created berms, and formed wells in an effort to keep the water on our land. After all, every drop counts!

In between yard work and our flood-canceled dinner plans we still managed to get together with family and friends. It was wonderful to catch up with everyone. After being away for a month it was nice to be home.

Photos: View our photographs from July Rains.